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Bridging the gap between natural gas supplies and consumers

Headquartered in the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas, and allied with energy subject matter experts in Denver, London, and Rio de Janeiro, Williams Park Group LLC offers natural gas commercialization advisory services and project support across the project development spectrum.

Whether you’re a regional exploration & production company planning to market your natural gas or a commercial natural gas user seeking an affordable LNG supply solution to meet your demand for clean burning natural gas, we can assemble a team of experienced energy experts to advise you. Williams Park brings extensive experience and professionalism to every engagement and customizes its support to address your specific needs and challenges.

This network of international relationships results in a team of expert advisors who possess comprehensive insight into the oil & gas industry. Williams Park assists each client in making quality decisions by following a rigorous, disciplined business development approach to maximize the value of each potential opportunity.

We seek to use our decades of industry knowledge to provide you with the insight to make high quality project development decisions that will maximize the value of your project. Our objective is to become your trusted advisor based upon competence, respect, and mutual understanding.

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Areas of Expertise

gas Monetization

Natural gas plays a key role in our energy supply and consumption. The shale revolution has opened new and expanding markets for natural gas over the past decade. That’s where we come in. Assisting you in properly framing your opportunity and developing your commercialization strategy.

FSRU Project Development

With the current global market oversupplied with LNG, low oil prices, and anemic demand, the market is king. Natural gas suppliers and LNG project developers are becoming more nimble players. The focus now is on smaller, more efficient liquefaction units often serving fit-for-purpse FSRU's located in developing markets. We know FSRU's because we have first hand experience developing them.

Project Support

The proper framework to guide project development will ensure quality decisions leading to successful outcomes. Expert advisors apply their knowledge of industry best practices to execute large, commercially and technically complex projects.

Regulatory & Governmental Affairs

Do you want to permit your project or build it? It used to be, if a project received all permits, it would be built. That's no longer the case. Effective stakeholder planning must include public and government affairs strategies in order to manage the ever increasingly savvy interest groups your project will face. Effective engagement with regulators and elected officials to clearly articulate your business rationale, benefits for customers, the economy, and constituents is vital.

natural Gas Pipelines

The world's natural gas resources are useless without the means to deliver it to the consumer. Pipelines are the most efficient, safe, and cost effective way to move large volumes of gas. We can help you with planning, permitting, and securing acceptance by all relevant stakeholders.

Senior Advisory

Energy projects are inherently complex from both the commercial and technical perspective. Senior decision makers can often become overwhelmed by stakeholder expectations, unexpected changes in process, players, and conditions. We offer advice tempered by professional experience gained by managing projects in  development.


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