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Areas of Expertise


Gas Monetization

Natural gas plays a key role in our energy supply and consumption. The shale revolution has opened new and expanding markets for natural gas over the past decade. That’s where we come in. Assisting you in framing your opportunity and developing a commercialization strategy.

Regulatory & Governmental Affairs

Do you want to permit your project or build it? It used to be if a project received its permits, it would be built. That's no longer the case. Effective stakeholder planning must include public and government affairs in order to manage the ever increasingly savvy opposition that inevitably arises.Effective engagement with regulators and elected officials to clearly articulate your business rationale, benefits for customers, the economy, and constituents is vital.

FSRU Project Development

With the current global market oversupplied with LNG, low oil prices, and anemic demand, the market is king. Natural gas suppliers and LNG project developers are becoming more nimble players. Today, there is increased focus on smaller, more efficient liquefaction units often serving fit-for-purpse FSRU's located in developing markets. The FSRU solution offers a smaller physical plant footprint, controlled engineering and fabrication at a shipyard which generally leads to tighter project management, increased quality control, and reduced overall cost. As a result, smaller gas markets with challenging site characteristics may be served by LNG suppliers. Over time,the import capacity of FSRU's can either be scaled up or superseded with an onshore regasification terminal to coincide with future demand. We know FSRU's because we have first hand experience developing them.

Natural Gas Pipelines

The world's natural gas resources are useless without the means to deliver it to the consumer. Pipelines are the most efficient, safe, and cost effective way to move large volumes of gas. The industry is highly regulated and lengthy linear projects, such as pipelines, attract numerous concerned stakeholders along the pathway.  Early preparation, understanding issues, and resourcing for success are essential project elements. We can help you with planning, permitting, and securing acceptance by all relevant stakeholders.

Senior Advisory

Energy projects are inherently complex from both the commercial and technical perspective. Senior decision makers can often become overwhelmed by unexpected changes in process, players, or conditions and evolving stakeholder expectations. Quality decisions and C-suite support only comes after a full understanding of the process, risks, and rewards. We offer advice tempered by professional experience managing energy project development.

Commercial Structuring, risk assessment, and negotiation

Energy infrastructure projects are developed through a variety of governance structures. To ensure that value is maximized and the probability for success enhanced, technical, financial, commercial, and organizational aspects of the opportunity need to be fully understood. The investment, operational, business, and commodity risks may then be properly assigned during negotiation of the deal structure. As such, we provide insight and advice on where and how risks can be allocated, shared, assumed, or laid off as needed to meet each participant's business objectives. 

Project support

The proper framework to guide project development will ensure quality decisions leading to successful outcomes. Experience using a rigorous, disciplined program to maximize returns is a must. Expert advisors apply their knowledge of industry best practices to execute large, commercially and technically complex projects.

Joint Venture Management

The size, complexity, and risks associated with most energy projects inevitably leads to the formation of a Joint Venture. Ideally, all the participants are aligned in their goals and objectives and retain equal shares in the project. But in the real world, that is seldom the case.  Knowing how to manage the group dynamics while achieving your goals is both art and science. We use the knowledge gained through years of real world experience with Joint Ventures to guide our clients. 

Stakeholder Engagement and sustainable Development

Often referred to as, "the triple bottomline," sustainability is the process by which companies manage financial, social,and environmental,risks--"profits, people, and planet." Properly done, it affords projects resiliency over time to survive economic, social, or environmental shocks through a strong, interconnected framework. A number of best practices foster sustainability. These include: stakeholder engagement, environmental management systems, transparent reporting, and life cycle considerations. Stakeholder engagement extends beyond mere project messaging and involves assessment and understanding of stakeholder positions, ideally leading to common ground and project acceptance.